Scrapbook In Santa Clarita With KHTS And Remember When…Scrapbooking

By: Taylor O’Neil

Cutting, folding, sticking, setting up everything just right, smiling at the memories that bring back laughter, crying at the sad moments, cherishing life and appreciating the moments and memories shared with friends and family.

This describes the life of a scrapbooker. Constantly busy, crafting and creating, but excited to have all her special moments in a book to recall the memories as well as take pride in her work.

Scrapbooking may be considered an art form that many people can engage in, but does not require the ability to draw or be an artist. Rather it works more with page layouts and placement.

It is a way to preserve memories with family and friends through pictures and cut-outs and often includes limited writing. Scrapbooks vary on style and design all based on the creator’s personal taste and level of creativity.

It is a good memento to be able to remember special memories. People often create scrapbooks around specific events like weddings, vacations, or a sports team he or she was a member of.Scrapbook

Scrapbooking can be very time consuming depending on how detailed pages are and exactly what the designer creates to place on the page.

It can also be very costly and expensive, when buying all the paper and embellishments for the pages of the book.

Scrapbooks were originally only done by hand, but now there are websites to create scrapbooks.

Hand-made scrapbooks have an added personal flair and show the time and effort placed into cutting out each object of decoration and is more for the creative minds with more time available.

Online scrapbooking is great for the person who is not as crafty, but wants to compile the family photos in a visually pleasing way. Online provides less creativity, as there are templates already for use, where the user can simply insert photos and place text in text boxes.

Costco had even started making photo-books that would provide the most basic page layouts and minimal flair, but it is still a nice way to capture the moment. It is an easy way to be able to share with others as you can just pass around the book.

There would be minimal worry of it getting ruined because there are no hand-done embellishments. One can get a photo book printed easily, enabling them to be printed for an event with multiple people who can all share in the memories of the experience together.

Scrapbook in the Santa Clarita Valley

Here in the Santa Clarita Valley there are multiple scrapbooking stores, that provide products for all needs of a scrapbooker. Scrapbooking stores will sell everything from backing paper to stickers to cut-outs and embellishments. It often includes elaborate lettering.

The most important thing to have for scrapbooking are the pictures or newspaper cut-outs that are wanted in the album to preserve the memories. Be sure to have pictures printed and other main items ready so you can organize your layout to figure how you want it to look.

Scrapbook ToolsThe album is one of the more important items to buy when scrapbooking or starting to scrapbook. They come in multiple different sizes, but the popular size right now is the 12-inch square page size.

The best part about scrapbooking is the ability to customize. Pages can vary from very basic to ones with extensive cut-outs and layers of paper stacked atop one another to create frilly over the top designs, that some only wish they could design out of paper.

The point to scrapbooking is not to just display photos, but to enhance the photos and make everything “cutesy” as most woman like to do.

It is a hobby to many moms who want to cherish the memories of their children as they grow up.

The local scrapbooking stores in Santa Clarita include Remember When…Scrapbooking, Scrapbooking Made Simple, and Scrapbooking Salvation.

KHTS has teamed with Remember When…Scrapbooking, to create a club of the best scrapbookers in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Scrapbooking Made Simple paired with KHTS for the most creative scrapbooking ideas in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Online scrapbooking sites include Mixbook, CropMom, and SmileBox.

Scrapbooking supplies can be bought in specialty scrapbooking stores along with chain stores like Michael’s and JoAnn’s, just with a limited amount of options. Supplies can be bought online as well, A Cherry on Top, and Stuff for Scrapbooking.

Many people design scrapbooks and use their own ideas to create pages, but if someone needs inspiration they can check out ideas at Pintrest or Tumblr.

If these Santa Clarita stores were helpful, check out more at


Article: Scrapbook In Santa Clarita With KHTS And Remember When…Scrapbooking

Article Source: Hometown Scrapbook

Author: Taylor O’Neil

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